G&S Expands

G&S Technologies Establishes New Operations in Virginia to Serve State’s Largest Utility

G&S Family of Companies Expands to Seven Facilities Nationwide

May 12, 2016

Kearney, NJ—G&S Technologies, the nation’s leading processor and recycler of oil-filled electrical equipment, announced the formal opening of its new facility in Richmond, Virginia.

The new base of operations was built at the request of the state’s largest utility in order to handle the processing of its large volume of oil filled electrical equipment in need of repair or recycling, including pad and pole-mounted transformers. G&S Virginia tests and drains the transformers, and transports them for repair or recycling depending on their condition. Oil drained from the transformers is purified at Hydrodec, the company’s Ohio facility, and sold for reuse in new electrical transformers.

George Newmark, vice president of G&S Technologies said, “We are proud to add G&S Virginia to our growing family of companies across the country. This new facility represents two important things at G&S: our commitment to tailoring solutions to our customers’ needs and our growing national reach.”

G&S Virginia is led by General Manager Matt Yount, a G&S manager for more than 10 years, and a 5-person staff. It boasts 20,000 square feet, four five-ton cranes, and two operating warehouses capable of handling more than 15,000 units and 500,000 gallons of oil or more per year.

Said Yount, “It is remarkable how far our industry has come in terms of reusing and recycling transformers and transformer oil.  We offer an environmentally sound program that’s attractive to the biggest utility companies in the country, including here in Virginia. We are proud to be their partner.”

About the G&S Family of Companies

G&S Technologies is proud to be part of the G&S Family of Companies, a group of cross-invested and co-managed companies that share operations across the country. We provide customers with a one-stop solution for the repair, recycling and disposal of electrical transformers of all sizes and other oil-filled electrical equipment. Our national platform enables us to provide continued seamless service to all of our customers no matter their need, including responding to natural disasters or other emergencies. The G&S Family of Companies includes:

Transformer Technologies of Salem, Oregon, is a West Coast leader in recycling transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment.

TCI of Alabama, the largest recycler of regulated PCB-filled equipment in the nation and an industry leader in recycling metals from used and obsolete oil-filled electrical equipment.

TCI of NY specializing in the recycling of transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment.

G&S Virginia, our newest facility, is based in the Richmond area to serve the state’s largest utility and other customers in need of testing, repair or recycling pole and pad mounted transformers.

Northeast Transformer Services is a full-service transformer repair and rebuilding contractor located in Central New York.

Hydrodec is an Ohio based clean-tech industrial oil refining business offering utilities and industry a responsible method for dispensing with used transformer oils, including PCB-regulated material.  Its unique proprietary method makes it the only company transforming old oil into new suitable for use in new electrical transformers.

G&S Technologies, based in Kearney, New Jersey, operates the largest processing facility for transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment in the U.S., including the country's largest scrap metal recovery oven. For more than 50 years, G&S Technologies has led the way in helping utilities, businesses and industry safely remove, repair, and recycle transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment.

For information please call Lisa Beers at (518) 756-9997 or write to us at info@gstechnologies.com.