G&S Partners to put Spill-Proof Tanker on the Road

G&S Technologies Partners with Allstate ORC and Vacuum Sales Inc. to Put Dual-Bulkhead, Spill-Proof Oil Tanker on the Road

Capable of Handling Regulated and Non-Regulated PCB Oil and other Fluids Simultaneously, New Truck Raises Standards for Environmental Safeguards and Overall Efficiency

October 16, 2016

G&S Technology, the leading recycler of transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment, has agreed to be the first client of a new double-bulkhead tanker truck commissioned by New Jersey trucking company Allstate ORC from Vacuum Sales Inc., the premier builder of custom tankers and trucks for heavy industry.

The new truck will feature two separate aluminum tanks capable of holding 3,250 gallons each. The tanks can keep different grades of oil and other fluids separate for transit. The tanks’ welded primary shutoff valves will be equipped with an innovative overflow system that prevents suctioned oil, liquids, and other materials from entering the vacuum when maximum capacity is reached, preventing spills.

The shutoff valves also come with side couplings that enable easy accessorization with vacuum breakers, pressure gauges, vent systems, cyclone drains and other safety features.

“The bottom line,” said Allstate ORC President Tom Warden, “is that we can handle two kinds of oils or liquids at the same time and substantially increase the ability to prevent spills from overflow or topping-off. We can truck more oil, and it can be of varying grades, without losing any in the pumping process. This is a safer and more economically efficient truck for anyone involved in moving regulated oil and liquid.”

G&S Technologies Vice President George Newmark said, “We take tremendous pride in our commitment to environmental and safety excellence, which is why Allstate ORC is one of our leading trucking partners. We are delighted to be their first customer for their new dual-tanker truck and thrilled to have provided input into the design used in construction by Vacuum Sales Inc.”

The dual-tanker truck is fully DOT compliant. G&S will use it to ship regulated and non-regulated oil from customer sites to its recycling facility in Ohio.

Commenting for Vacuum Sales Inc., Mike Downey said, “We are excited to bring this new dual tanker on line for companies that ship regulated oils and fluids in varying grades. And we are very pleased to be working with Allstate and G&S, two companies that are serious about environmental safety.”

About G&S Technologies

G&S Technologies operates the largest processing facility for transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment in the U.S., including the country's largest scrap metal recovery oven, which meets all US EPA requirements for incineration of drained PCB-contaminated articles (previously containing up to 499 ppm PCBs). Equipment containing 500 ppm PCBs or higher is processed in partnership with our sister company, TCI of Alabama. Our network of strategic partnerships with sister companies, as well as with certified waste hauling contractors across the U.S., ensures that we can accommodate your needs safely and quickly, and provide rapid emergency deployment.

About Allstate ORC

Founded in1990, Allstate ORC has provided more than20 years of service in the waste removal and transportation industry. We are fully licensed by the EPA, DEC, and DEP to handle all of your commercial, industrial, and residential waste services.

About Vacuum Sales Inc.

Vacuum Sales Inc is the Delaware Valley's most versatile full service vacuum company since 1977. We specialize in building custom trucks and other waste removal systems, and providing other high quality equipment and components with a commitment to superior service that's second to none.

Our 10,000 square foot facility has the capacity to repair or modify any make of high pressure sewer cleaning and evacuation units, vacuum loaders, trash compactors, leaf collectors, street sweepers, dump trucks or any other type of equipment in your inventory.